Ask A Plant Expert

Got Questions? Ask a Horticulturist

  I  offer to answer any plant questions you may have.  Houseplants and ornamental plants are my specialty but I will be glad to try and answer any other questions you may have.  Gardening season is just about here so be prepared.

Here are some guidelines.

  Identification Tips  

For identification, it’s easiest when you follow these handy tips! 

Sending good, clear pictures of your mystery plant always helps.  

  If possible, Please Send These Photos: 

 • Photo of the full plant.
• Clear photo of stems and branches.
• A clear photo of a leaf from the plant.
• If possible, a photo of the plant’s flower.
• If possible, a photo of the plant’s fruit.  

  Plant Care Tips  

You want to keep your plant healthy and happy.  

Ask me anything, but for best results, do the following  
• A photo of the full plant.
• A clear photo of the plant’s problem areas.
• Descriptions of the plant’s environment.
• Descriptions of the plant’s current care routine  
  Sending Messages  

Please include your name in the email with the photos and questions so I know who to get back in touch with.

Email Questions to:

I will get back with you as soon as I can